About us.

With a legacy spanning over seven decades, Angus Eeles stands as a cornerstone in Ballarat’s heating and cooling landscape.

Our commitment to excellence is embodied in the collective skills and experience of our team. From seasoned tradesmen and proficient technicians to meticulous installers and dedicated apprentices, we take pride in delivering unparalleled service quality.

Our services.

Angus Eeles Heating and Cooling is committed to delivering comprehensive service excellence.

Our expertise covers every aspect, from design and installation to maintenance and warranty support, providing a seamless and dependable experience. Unlike others, we don’t settle for partial solutions; our commitment is to deliver the complete package because your comfort is our top priority.
Our one-stop solution in Ballarat caters to residential, small commercial, and industrial clients, ensuring we handle the lot or nothing at all to guarantee your satisfaction.

Our history.

Founded by the Angus Eeles Family over 70 years ago, our business has a rich history rooted in plumbing.

Under the leadership of Rodney Eeles, the focus shifted to heating and cooling, marking a pivotal transition. From then on, dedicated employees took the reins, assuming ownership and running the Ballarat business to the present day. Throughout our history, the core focus has remained on heating and cooling systems, specialising in both residential and commercial applications. We take pride in delivering heating and cooling solutions that reflect our decades-long commitment to excellence.

Our team.

Meet the passionate individuals driving Angus Eeles’ legacy forward, each bringing unique expertise and dedication to our commitment to excellence in heating and cooling solutions.

Michael Shannon

With a career spanning over four decades, Michael’s journey in the plumbing industry began in 1981 with his family business, J.P. Shannon & Son Plumbers, where he remained until 1993. Joining Angus Eeles in 1993 as a fully qualified tradesman, Michael’s dedication and expertise earned him a share in the business in 2007, eventually leading to his role as a Director. Michael excels in facilitating effective communication between subcontractors and clients, ensuring the seamless achievement of objectives and overcoming challenges in the heating and cooling trade. Born and educated in Ballarat East, Michael extends his commitment beyond heating and cooling, actively contributing as a devoted member of the CFA.

Leah Mason

As a dedicated Director, Leah serves as the first point of contact for Angus Eeles, overseeing all aspects of the company’s operations. With a remarkable 40-year tenure at Angus Eeles, Leah began as the office bookkeeper and, under the guidance of Rodney Eeles, developed extensive trade experience across all facets of the heating and cooling environment. In 2007, Leah, alongside other committed employees, took ownership of the business, solidifying her role as one of the Directors. Leah’s wealth of knowledge and high-level service ensures efficient handling of client needs, reflecting her pride in accomplishments achieved during her impressive tenure in the Ballarat area.

Chris Goldsmith

With a career deeply rooted in the heating and cooling industry, Chris embarked on his journey as a Mechanical Plumbing Apprentice at B.E. Trevena & Son at the age of 15. Joining Angus Eeles over 40 years ago, Chris quickly became a senior member of the staff, showcasing his dedication and expertise. In 2007, he further solidified his commitment by purchasing a share of the business and assuming the role of Director. As a fully qualified mechanical plumber, Chris has focused primarily on the Heating & Cooling sector, contributing significantly to Angus Eeles’ success in apprenticeship training. His unwavering support has played a pivotal role in the high success rate of apprentices completing their training, fostering a legacy of excellence in skillset and work ethics among qualified tradesmen. Many of these professionals have emerged as leaders in the heating and cooling field or have established successful businesses of their own.

Discover our products.

Heating & Cooling

– Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating & Cooling
– Reverse Cycle Split System Heating & Cooling
– High-Velocity Small Duct Systems
– Hydronic Heating & Cooling


– Hydronic Heating
– Ducted Gas Heating


– Split System
– Evaporative Cooling
– Hydronic Chilled Water Cooling

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