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Hi Velocity Small Duct Systems

Angus Eeles are proud to be a supplier and installer of the small Duct System.
The small duct system is quite difference from a conventional heat – only or heating and cooling system, the main difference that the supply ductwork is all “Small diameter” or “mini duct”. The ducting leading to the diffusers are as small as 50mm in diameter, which can fit down stud walls. Normally we use the 70mm or 100mm version, making this perfectly suited for architectural homes, flat rooves or where limited spaces are available. The largest supply air duct size starting on the unit is 250mm as compared with normally 1 of 500mm or 2 of 400mm with traditional heating and cooling.
The small duct fan coil is an air delivery system that can work with any energy source.  Its modular arrangement means that you can fit a hot water heating coil, to deliver high efficient hydronic ducted heating, while fitting a refrigeration coil or chiller water coil for cooling.
Heating Mode Gas Boilers, refrigerated heat pumps, chillers can all be used as heat sources for the Small Duct Systems.
Cooling Mode condensing units, chillers and heat pumps can all be used as cooling sources for the Small Duct Systems.
The small air duct system can deliver the air through a number of different type of outlets, which include a slim line slot diffuser.  Diffusers can be built into bulkheads, ceilings, walls, floors, cabinetry.